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Trapped in a hell of his own design, K.P. Hallow attempts to write his woes away in an effort to etch his tiny mark in the annals of a waning timeline.



Book Series


Corvidae Suppression Book Cover


Your never-before-heard favorite anti-heroes are back for the first time! Carrion is hell-bent on releasing an unknown entity that could fulfill a nightmarish apocalyptic prophecy, will this mean the end of humanity as we know it?

  Accounts of Ephemeral Oddities


These short stories focus on the ethereal, the impermanence, and the character of one experiencing borderline ludicrous urban paranormal phenomena.

Customer Testimonials


Not K.P. Hallow
Self-proclaimed astronaut

“I opened my package, highly anticipating the long-awaited conclusion to the burning question. In tears, I was thoroughly surprised to find that Corvidae really is a book!”

Not K.P. Hallow
whiskey enthusiast

“I read this countless times!”

Not K.P. Hallow
purveyor of aromatic stench

“An instant classic, if a classic was the fecal residue stuck in the nails of some mindless baboon scratching the balding chapped ass of the alpha.”

Not K.P. Hallow
lover of honey biscuits

“If a gun was held to my head and I was told to say only good things about the book, I would sing high praises!”